Exciting web programming project announcement!

As part of the new refined ground station initiative, an opportunity has arisen to develop and deploy an online satellite database. This will present both a human readable interface (like existing online offerings) but crucially a stable and rich API, which allows both our software and other people's to fetch satellite information. This service will aggregate data from several sources, primarily n2yo and the NASA NSSDC. The service will be hosted as an app on Heroku or a similar cloud provider.

There is a great opportunity to make an awesome site here with little effort. In an effort to be as modern as possible, I suggest using Swagger to design the API and MongoDB as the database. The app could be coded in Node.js, Python/Django or Ruby/Rails - anything other than PHP!

As far as front-end programming goes, the human readable interface (the website) could do all manner of fancy things depending on what we want to do. A very swish possibility, which some members have played with before, is caesium.js. This provides a 3D Earth projection which the orbits of searched satellites in our database can be added to.

However, the primary focus for us is the API, not the fancy frontend. That will hopefully get us a body of users and act as great publicity for EARS.

So, if you have any experience playing with web programming (especially if you were involved in the previous software efforts) then please speak up and we can kick this off. Version 1 would be a great Xmas project.