How to make classification about printer ink ? One is by color classification, the second is by solvent classification.

1, according to color classification:
Divided into dye-based inks and pigment inks, dye inks are currently used in the market for large numbers of inkjet printers; it is a dye-based printer ink. Pigment-type ink is based on pigments.
2, according to solvent classification
Divided into water-based printer ink and oily ink two.
Water-based ink with water and water-soluble solvent as the main component of the dissolved color;
Oily ink is a non-water-soluble solvent as the main component of the dissolved color base.
But in the actual use of the process of cross each other, that is either dye-type water-based ink can also be dye-type oil-based ink, but based on the nature of the ink itself, water-based ink and oily ink is absolutely not in the same print head The
Ink retention period is generally two years, when the storage to be sealed, to avoid direct sunlight, to maintain the normal indoor temperature should not be too high should not be low!
Aopen brand ink is divided into:
1, Epson (EPSON) dye ink:
Dye ink is divided into: general ink, special ink, image ink, advanced water four;
2, Canon dye ink canon ink;
3, HP (HP) dye ink;
4, brother (BROTHERA) dye ink;
5, Epson (EPSON) desktop printer PIG pigment ink;
6, Epson (EPSON) desktop printer (ART PAPER PIG) coated paper copper pigment ink;
7, Epson (EPSON) desktop printer thermal transfer (SUB) ink.
Above ink classification, for some part of the DIY try to try their own ink, for your printer life, be sure to understand the type of ink you are using and the type of ink to be added to match, and as a dealer must also have A deep understanding of the need for the purchase of ink customers friends, please be sure to confirm their own ink before buying the use of categories, and then consult the need to buy the printer you need ink.

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